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Beaded Art  

by Fernanda Boutista of Puerta Vallarta


Tea Cup Collection


Hummels and Other Gifts


"I visit Marcy's about once a week. There is always a new selection of items for sale. Marcy Kirsch travels to discover the works of one of a kind artists. She has a display of beaded jewelry created by a lady artist that is very distinctive. Marcy's also has things that I consider to be "Americana". Marcy is sweet and very energetic."

"A breath of fresh air! I have been in the store 4-5 times now and the owner  has gone beyond good customer service. She even open her doors up after hours so I could buy a gift. Yesterday I ran in and had about 5 minutes to shop and found the perfect little table for my niece."

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"I was looking for a cabinet for my office, and called Marcy's Attic. Marcy texted me back with pictures of what she had in stock, and prices. When I went into the store the next day, I was ready to buy one of the cabinets, but she stopped me! What sales person tells you to wait!? That it might not be what you're looking for??! She suggested other antique stores in the area, and offered to hold the cabinet for me just in case I really wanted it. Well, she was right, it wasn't for me, and I bought somewhere else. But I'll always go to Marcy's first if I need anything in the future. Check out her inventory, tell her what you want. If she doesn't have it, she'll look for it, or help you find it."

"This store is a  little slice of heaven. I'm the biggest critic, as I shop for a living. In one short visit I found incredible deals, fell in love with the owner and I have dubbed this store  my new favorite. It's a fun store with a lot of variety and the prices are the best. Awesome family vibe, cookies, refreshments and I always leave with goodies and a big smile. So many treasures. I love this place."

"My new favorite place to shop. Best prices and good selection. It's CLEAN and well organized. And the owners are real. I buy all my gifts here, now! So happy I found it!"

"This Girl knows her stuff. She has the best eye on what people like and want to buy. Her store is full of unique things .... many different kinds of everyday items needed for places to fill around you. I just happened to stop in a few weeks ago and purchased 2 plant stands that look great on my patio holding my new spring plants. Gosh, what a find ... Thank You Marcy and her mom Sue."

"Sue and Marcy are so sweet!! I always find unique and affordable items. I'm so happy that Marcy's Attic is part of our community."

"This is the most charming and fun shop. I like collecting ceramic cats and I seem to always find the most unique one

s here. I have found some that one of the owners have touched up or completely changed the color with her paint brushes! I love how creative these turned out. There's something for everyone at Marcy's Attic. I find the best gifts at great prices. We just love to explore and chat with these two owners! You feel at home at Marcy's Attic! You have to check it out."

"This shop is amazing - eclectic items from baby clothes to scarves and vintage aprons to framed art and curios, super reasonably priced and such friendly shopkeepers (always a bonus when stores are full of potentially breakable items /antiques). Loved all the animal figurines and teacups and carefully curated quirky pieces - the place is a must!"

"What a delightful place to visit (and find treasures)! When I walked into Marcy's Attic, my first impression was that it was going to be way TOO expensive. Then I started looking around. This cute little store is stocked full of everything and anything you would need to decorate your home, office, or give as gifts - AND the prices are great! The selection of items is vast and they have something for every decor.  After shopping and finding several items that I couldn't live without, I went to pay and met Marci and her mom, Sue! Well, what a surprise (NOT) they, too, were delightful and warm and friendly. I found a cute little lamp that had a couple of scratches and while I continued my shopping, Sue took care of those scratches and the lamp looked like new! My daughter and I wound up staying and visiting with them for a long time - in fact, way after the time they should have closed, yet, I never felt pressured to leave or to buy more. I definitely will go back often and have already referred several of my friends. The next time you want a delightful afternoon of easy shopping, go to MARCY'S ATTIC. You will not be disappointed."

"Such a great little find in our town. I was waiting for a table next door for brunch, and wandered into this place and Marcy herself. She was very friendly and sweet. I happened to be wearing a fun, flowy summer dress but had just broken my necklace - I found THE MOST PERFECT match of a replacement peeking out of the jewelry display. Even the hubby and kids found a gorgeous copy of The Little Prince Anniversary PopUp book that we'd been wanting - it was a very serendipitous kinda' day. Thanks, Marcy!"

"Absolutely love this special place. You will be greeted with a smile, good conversation and an abundance of wonderful unique beautiful items to browse through. A must see to appreciate the full value of this little place. I have yet to leave empty handed once!!"

"I don't even know where to begin with this review! There are so many wonderful things inside this store including the wonderful women that run it. Their hospitality was amazing and that to me, is so hard to find nowadays. I found some wonderful things that I haven't been able to find ANYWHERE else. The items just spoke to me and are going to fit right into my home. They had so many more treasures in there and I can't wait to return. Again, I have no words to describe how wonderful they were. I even had trouble getting the piece of furniture into my car and Marcy ended up driving it to my home for me. I will definitely be a customer for life! Definitely reasonably priced and beautiful items. Thank you for opening! We needed a store like this!"

The minute you walk into Marcy's Attic, you want to buy everything! She has such great quality items that are very reasonably priced! The store is such a fun place to shop! I instantly feel right at home when I walk through the door. Marcy is so sweet, you can tell she loves her job! She really has something special! I highly recommend stopping by and looking around. They always have new and hip items. I love it at Marcys Attic :)

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